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Founded by two northern lasses with a passion for getting outside and being active, Elevation North is a celebration of all things outdoors. Jeanette and Ange still run a successful media agency in the North East of England but they know that there's more to life than the daily corporate grind. 

Thus, Elevation North was born! Growing up in Papua New Guinea, Jeanette’s childhood was full of adventure and exploration, which has seen her mountaineering and mountain biking all her life. A keen kayaker and walker, Ange has also explored the Himalayas and climbed many of the UK’s major peaks. Together they produce all of the label's designs, including their signature 'Three Hills' design which based on the Eildon Hills, a 350-million-year-old volcanic range with a three-peak outline, very close to the location of their first store in Scottish Borders.

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